What Is Farmhouse Style?

Farmhouse style became widely popular mostly due to a power couple you may know. I'm talking about Chip and Joanna Gaines and their popular TV show, Fixer Upper.

 Which brings us to Shiplap. I've heard Shiplap is going out of style but I disagree. It's timeless and a wonderful farmhouse addition to any home. I have it in my kitchen and I love it.

For me, farmhouse style is vintage items, chippy paint, warm woods and creamy whites. I'm drawn to these elements when styling my home. Items that show age and years of use.

Console tables are beautiful accent pieces and can be used with any decor style. I style my tables with new and old pieces, layering items to create a rustic farmhouse vibe.

 Styles evolve and change. I used to love everything barn red and rustic black. But one thing has remained the same. I love to decorate in farmhouse style and create a cozy vintage home.

And farmhouse style doesn't have to mean no color and too much white. I added pink to my farmhouse bathroom and it creates the perfect farmhouse vibe with the warm woods and creamy whites.

But one of my favorite ways to add farmhouse style is with thrifted items. I have always loved buying used items over new. It's so satisfying to give new life and love to a discarded item.

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