What Is Cottagecore Style?

What is the cottgagecore decor style?It’s been called a budding aesthetic movement. A nod to the traditional English countryside style. Both romantic and nostalgic.

Cottagecore has become increasingly popular among interior design enthusiasts. Showing up all over social media platforms.

This particular decor style is all about  neutral paint colors, warm wood tones and natural elements. Such as dried flowers, greenery and house plants.

Mixing the old with the new is the cottagecore way. From a family heirloom to a vintage piece of furniture. These items will fit seamlessly in your cottagecore home.

This decor style is all about creating a home that is welcoming and cozy. Where, not only your family, but your guests also feel at home.

From baking your own bread to drying your own herbs. Cottagecore is about choosing a simpler way of life and creating a cozy home along the way.

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