Simple Tray Decor

Trays are a fun way to display decor on your countertop. They can also be styled very easily with items you already have on hand.

I love having fresh flowers in my home. Especially on the kitchen counter. And styling them nestled in a tray is a great way to display them.


Using a tray for decor on your counters is an easy way to fill empty space while still being able to easily remove the decor if needed. Just pick up the whole tray and move it out of the way.

For this tray I used items I already had on hand. I picked the lilacs from my yard. You can also add a little tea towel to add in some texture.


There are many different styles of trays. I chose a basket for this display. But I also use risers and wood trays in my decor. They are a great way to add height and texture to your vignettes.

When styling your trays remember to gather items that are similar in color. Add items with varying heights and textures. And be careful not to overcrowd the tray.