Super Simple DIY Rustic Barn Wood Star Tutorial / Makes A Perfect Christmas Tree Topper

It's written in the stars.

Start with 5 strips of wood all cut to the same length. Shown in Step 1. Mine are 14" long x roughly 1 1/4" wide. Start with 2 strips and overlap them as shown in Step 2.

Step 1

Step 2

I pre-drilled my holes for the screws so that the wood wouldn't split. I then fastened these 2 pieces together with a screw. Shown  above in Steps 3 and 4. 

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5 Add another strip of wood as shown and fasten it with a screw.

Step 6 Add another strip of wood as shown and fasten with a screw. Basically just working on the star shape.

Green Curved Line

Step 6 Add the last piece and fasten to the top right point.

You may need a longer screw to fasten this last piece. There will be a slight gap. As shown below. Do not overtighten.

Lastly, If you have raw edges that were cut, you can touch them up with stain. I put my star on top of my Christmas tree. Follow me on IG @simplyminedesigns or on my blog