Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Do you want to upgrade your kitchen cabinets on a budget? Painting them is a great option to save money.

You'll want to start off by prepping the cabinets for paint by removing hardware, sanding or stripping off any old paint and repairing any holes and damage.

My cabinets had a laminate coating and lots of damage from previous paint and beadboard. I removed the beadboard and laminate. See the process here.

After removing the laminate I used a coarse sandpaper and removed all the glue. Then filled in any holes with wood filler.

Once the wood filler dried, I sanded over the cabinet one last time. Now it's ready for primer. Keep in mind that my cabinets were MDF under the laminate and not particle board.

Oil based primers are best for cabinets. They are good "stain killers" and they seal the porous surface of wood, enabling the paint to better cover the surface. The drawback? They take longer to dry.

I used 3 coats of primer. Mainly because the MDF really soaked up the primer. After priming, I filled in any imperfections that remained and lightly sanded over the entire cabinet.

I used a high quality paint from Benjamin Moore in a matte finish and applied 2 coats. The color is Hampshire Gray. It's a very pretty greenish gray.

I finished them off with my favorite sealer. Gator Hide by Dixie Belle Paint Company. It's a must have sealer that repels water and makes clean up a breeze. I use it on all of my paint projects.

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