Neutral Christmas Decor

Can you believe it's already the Christmas season? It's my favorite time of the year. And my favorite season to decorate for. This year my theme is inspired by nature.

I'm using neutral colors and natural elements in my decor this year. I made several of my own ornaments and reused some of my Fall foliage in the tree.

I had the stocking tags custom made. And used velvet ribbon to add a bit of color. I used the same ribbon in my tree. It's the perfect copper color.

The snowshoes bring a bit of the outdoors inside. As well as the snowflakes I hung on the pegs. I'll also be adding a sled and some wooden skis to bring it all together.

I love changing my Christmas decor each year. And to save money, I DIY a lot of my decor and reuse items I already have. Decorating for Christmas should be fun for the whole family. Get creative.

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