Mantle Styling

One of my favorite places to style in my house is my faux fireplace mantle. I start by layering a couple items like a window or mirror to add height.

I got this cute basket from QVC and decided to layer a few items in it.I laid a couple of books in the bottom to sit the clock on and then added a fern, old books and a pitcher.

The set of vintage drawers is perfect here to hold remotes and magazines. I love using decor that also serves a purpose. You need to store things, why not make it pretty.

This space gets changed often for the different holidays and seasons. But I always layer a couple of large items with the lamp. And there is always greenery and candles in the mix.

Mixing new and old items is a great way to incorporate that cottage farmhouse feel. Which is a style adore. It's a classic style that evolves and changes but continues to stay relevant.

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