Kitchen Christmas Decor

Christmas is my favorite holiday to decorate my home for. And no room in my house is safe from Christmas cheer. Including the kitchen.

I like to pick a theme for each room in my house. The theme this year in my kitchen is "Vintage Santa Clause." I love the perfect pops of red from my Santa mugs.

This little corner is always so fun to decorate. Because it's next to my coffee maker I decided to add some coffee, sugar and another Santa mug.

I wanted to keep my shelves fairly simple. We use some of the items on these shelves everyday so I don't like them to feel cluttered or for items to be  inaccessible.

It's all in the details. From a treasured heirloom to a piece of decor that holds a special place in your heart. Christmas is a time for tradition and making memories with family.

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