Harry Potter Halloween Decor

I love Christmas, Halloween and Harry Potter. So why not combine them? I know having a Christmas tree up in September might seem crazy to some. But I love it.

The brooms are from Michael's and I used hot glue to attach some branches from my yard. The poster I printed off the internet. The floating candles and pampas grass are from Amazon.

I got the owls at Hobby Lobby. The Harry Potter glasses and stationary and keys with wings are from Amazon. I also wrapped pieces of wood with brown craft paper and tied them with twine.

I used the envelopes from the Harry Potter stationary and fishing line to create the "flying" letters. The Sorting Hat on top of the tree is from Amazon.

I got these battery operated candles on Amazon and used fishing line and clear push pin hooks to hang them from the ceiling. They came with a remote so turning them off and on is super easy.

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