Floating Witch Hats

I love Halloween and always get so excited thinking of ideas for my decor. These floating witch hats are so fun and can fit into any Halloween theme.

To hang these, I used fishing line that I threaded through the top of the witch hat using a needle. Then wrapped the fishing line around a clear thumb tack before pushing it all the way in.

I added some faux foliage around the top of the hats. I love the color and texture it added. I bought the hats on Amazon. They came in a pack of 6.

My mantle is my favorite places to decorate for the changing seasons. This year I'm doing a Harry Potter theme. This will be the second year doing this theme. I'm so excited to get it all done.

I'll be doing a Harry Potter themed tree and of course, floating candles. The witch hats are just the beginning. Like I said, I love Halloween.

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