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Finding Your Design Style

 By Shanna Walker

Always do what you love.  It's your home and your style. It should be a reflection of you. Don't be afraid to try out and mix different styles. 

I have always been drawn to chippy paint and rustic farmhouse style. But I also love clean lines and modern industrial farmhouse. Luckily, these two styles work well together.

Finding your design style should be fun. It helps to pull inspiration from magazines and online platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. If you see something you like, pin or save it.

I am mostly drawn to neutral decor.  But that doesn't mean I don't love color. I don't have a lot of color in my home, I do like to add it in sparingly in some rooms. Mostly my bathroom and bedroom.

It's ok to have different styles throughout your home. It allows you to express yourself through your decor and gives each room in your home a unique feel.

Whatever your decor style may be, just do what you love. It is your home. Make it a cozy space you want to be in and that your family and friends feel welcomed in. 

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