When I think of a Farmhouse kitchen, white dishes always come to mind. Beautiful, curated collections of ceramic dishes, pitchers and serveware ling shelves.

Farmhouse Kitchen: Decorating With Dishes

I've always been drawn to a simpler time. When kitchens were filled with ironstone dishes lining rustic wood shelves, copper kettles and hanging herbs.

My kitchen is filled with a collection of dishes. While some are new and some were handed down, most of my dish collection was thrifted. Thrift stores are the perfect place to find dishware.

Decorating with dishes is a simple way to add farmhouse character to shelving, hutches or simply styled in a vignette. And it never hurts to have extra dishes on hand.

If you need to fill an empty space on a shelf, a stack of bowls is perfect. Not only does it look pretty, you can also use the bowls as storage. I keep the remote to my battery operated candles in mine.

The same goes for a tray or basket vignette. I have this tray sitting next to my sink. The bowls add a fun way to display dishwasher detergent pods, a dish scrubber or even a small vintage item, like I have here.

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