Farmhouse Decor From Amazon

Do you love Farmhouse style decorating? Did you know that Amazon has a huge selection of farmhouse decor?

I rounded up some of my favorite farmhouse finds from Amazon and linked them here for you. The best part? They're inexpensive. This set of 4 plants is under $20!!

Green Curved Line

Amazon has a huge selection of Farmhouse style lanterns.

I love Lanterns. I think they are a must have piece in any Farmhouse home.

Green Sun

I have a slight obsession with throw blankets. Ladders are a perfect decor piece to display blankets, towels or even plants.

Length Comparison

Tiered trays have become quite popular within the Farmhouse community. They are a great way to display small items. And look cute just about anywhere in your home.

Green Curved Line

This set of small vases is so cute with or without florals or greenery. They look adorable on a shelf or tucked into a tiered tray. Amazon has quite a few styles of these small vases.

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