DIY Terracotta Pumpkins

I'm sure you've seen these hugely popular Terracotta pumpkins all over social media. And for good reason. They are so fun and so easy to make.

I started by cutting the top off this craft pumpkin to make a vase. These pumpkins can be found at Michael's and are so easy to work with.

I used Folk Art craft paint in the color Terracotta. I mixed it with a little off white paint and some baking soda (for texture.)

After painting them I lightly sprayed them with hairspray and then dusted them with flour. Making sure to get flour into all the grooves.

These pumpkins turned out so cute and are a much cheaper version than the ones available at high end stores.

I love them so much that I'm going to make some jack-o-lanterns for Halloween. Want to see more fun DIY's? Follow me on Social Media.