DIY Fireplace Mantle

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Start by cutting an 8 ft. piece of 2 x 8 down to 48 inches. Then using 1 x 4 start making the base (feet). I attached the pieces with 2 inch finish nails. Then added 1 x 2 pieces on top of those.

I made 2 of these pieces. They will be the sides of your mantle. To finish them off I glued a piece of  decorative fluted trim to the front.

Take another piece of 2 x 8 and drill 2 holes in each end. Then line it up and drill 2 more holes in the side pieces at the top. Then, using wooden dowels, attach the header.

After attaching the sides  and header I fastened them to a piece of plywood for the back. Then added some 1 x 2 and decorative pieces. As well as a 1 x 6 for the top (mantle).

I stained the whole thing then painted it white. Staining first allows the darker color to come through when distressing. Instead of the lighter wood.

D I S T R E S S   I T

I used my sander and steel wool and distressed the whole piece.

I like using steel wool when I want heavily distressed look.

I added some old book pages to the back to add some unique character. I used clear tape to fasten the pages to the plywood. I love how this piece turned out. I put it in my bedroom.

Follow me on Instagram, TikTok and  my blog for all things home and DIY.