Bedroom Styling Tips

From rearranging furniture to updating your bedding. It's easy to create a cozy space.

I recently decided that my bedroom needed a refresh. I moved all the furniture so I could clean under everything. And then rearranged the furniture. Which immediately gave this space a whole new look.

I also added new bedding. The floral print is perfect for Spring and Summer. I layered a mirror, an old window and some empty frames on my DIY fireplace. Layering is a great way to bring in texture.

I put my bed under the window. This is a small window but if you're putting a bed in front of a large window, try using an open headboard to allow light to flow in.

Did you know that the cabinet at the end of my bed is a TV cabinet? The top lifts by remote to reveal the TV. This is a perfect solution for having a TV in your bedroom without it being an eyesore.

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