“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it.” – George A. Moore

My Favorite Banana Bread Recipe

Hey guys! This is not my usual home decor / DIY post, but I just couldn’t not share my favorite go to recipe for banana bread. This bread is actually pretty close to the famous Starbucks banana bread. If you haven’t had the Starbucks bread, you are missing out. It is so good and their

DIY Hidden TV Cabinet

Hello friends. Happy Thursday. There are only ten more days left in October!!! Can you believe it. I’m already thinking all things Christmas. The life of a creator…always staying one step ahead. I always feel this need to declutter and deep clean before decorating for a new season. Creating a blank space for new seasonal

Preserved Floral Arrangement

Hey friends! I’ve been working on a little bedroom refresh. That included building this cabinet. More details on that are coming soon. But today I wanted to share this fun floral arrangement I put together in a dough bowl using preserved florals from Bloomsy Box. I was a little out of my neutral comfort zone