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Simple Patriotic Decor

It has been awhile since I posted here. But I wanted to share some simple patriotic decor that is easy and inexpensive to achieve. I bought little flags that came in a pack of 8 for only a few dollars. I wanted them to look old so I soaked them in a tea bath. I used Black Tea. To do this just take your tea bags and lay them in a bowl. Pour hot water in the bowl and let them sit until the water has cooled slightly and the color is dark. Then just soak your flags in the mixture, dry them and you’re done. It gives the white in the flag a stained appearance making the flags look aged.

I added five small flags under my cloche. Cloche’s are so fun to decorate with and make everything look cuter. The bowl the cloche is sitting in is from Target and I love how well the cloche fits in it. The clock on the mantle was found in a dumpster by my husband. I painted it and bought a new clock face on Amazon. Isn’t she cute? I also love decorating with glass jugs. I painted a couple with a baking soda / paint mixture and added some faux greenery.

My favorite way to style any space in my home is with layering. Here I started with a large mirror, added a garden gate and finished it with these antique washboards from Antique Farmhouse.The over-sized horse head chess piece is from QVC. It is part of The Found Cottage collection. I tucked another small flag into the garden gate.

On my console table in my entryway I added just one simple flag. I simply taped it to the vintage shutter. I may still add a patriotic print here too. When I find a vintage looking one that I love. Patriotic decor is fun to display from Memorial Day through the 4th of July. And if you keep it simple, it can fit seamlessly into your decor. Making it easy to share your love of America and for the veterans who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

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