DIY Paper Bag Snowflakes

Hey friends! Do you a fun DIY as much as I do? This is the second Christmas I’ve made these paper bag snowflakes. They are such a fun and easy DIY that you can do with your kids and they also look beautiful hanging in your home for the holidays.

For this DIY you’ll need:

  • Paper lunch sacks
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors

For each snowflake I used 9 paper bags. Start by glueing across the bottom and up the middle making a T shape. Layer another bag on top and continue until all the bags are glued together.

Once all the bags are glued together take your scissors and cut triangles, half circles or whatever design you want around the edges of the bags.

Now onto the fun part. Add another T shape of glue on the top bag and then fan the bags open and glue the top bag to the bottom bag.

And that’s it. The fun part is creating all the different patterns. These are super cute with white or brown paper bags. You can also make smaller ones just by cutting a strip off the top of the bags. I also made some of these with larger lunch sacks and they turned out so cute.

Have fun crafting!! And thanks for stopping by today.

XX, Shanna