DIY Hidden TV Cabinet

Hello friends. Happy Thursday. There are only ten more days left in October!!! Can you believe it. I’m already thinking all things Christmas. The life of a creator…always staying one step ahead. I always feel this need to declutter and deep clean before decorating for a new season. Creating a blank space for new seasonal decor. One of the spaces I’ve been working on lately is my bedroom. I’m talking new mattress, new bedding and a new super cute and functional DIY that we just finished. I’m going to share all the details on this cabinet and the amazing company I worked with to bring this idea to life. Are you ready for it?

My husband insists on having a TV in our bedroom. I, however, think it’s just an eyesore. We previously had the TV mounted above our dresser and I hated that I couldn’t decorate that space the way I wanted to. I have a really large mirror that I have been wanting to put on the dresser but the TV was in the way. So, when I saw that Touchstone Home carried these amazing TV lifts that allow you to hide your TV, I was sold! I reached out to them and they agreed to send me a lift mechanism in exchange for social media posts. But I would need to build my own cabinet to house it. And that is exactly what I did. I started with building a frame using 2 x 2 pieces of lumber and plywood. I made 2 of these. One for the front and one for the back. For the base I used a piece of 2 x 10.

I started by attaching the 2 x 2’s to the piece of plywood and then fastened that to the 2 x 10. I used 1 1/2 inch grabber screws.

For the sides I used 2 more pieces of plywood and attached them to the 2 x 2 frame. And then fastened the TV lift mechanism to this piece before adding the front piece.

I then attached the front piece of plywood to the 2 x 2 on the sides and the bottom 2 x 10 piece.

I now had a box. The next part was to make a lid and add decorative trim. I used 1 x 4’s to hide the seams and screws on the outside corners and top and bottom and painted the whole cabinet white.

For the lid I used another piece of plywood and added 1 x 2’s around the edges on the bottom. I used wood glue and 1 1/2 inch finish nails to attach these pieces to the lid. And then attached the plate that came with the lift mechanism to the underside of the lid.

I wanted the cabinet to look like it had doors so I added 2 1 x 4’s to the front with handles to create 2 faux cabinet doors.

For the finishing touches I added some decorative molding around the top where the lid and 1 x 2’s join to hide that seam. And then added 1×2 around the bottom.

I am so obsessed with how this turned out. And now my hubby gets his TV in the bedroom and I get a pretty view. Head over to my Instagram page @simplyminedesigns to see the lift in action. I hope I inspired you to build something. There is just something so satisfying when you can say “I built that.” Thanks for stopping by today!

XX, Shanna