Farmhouse Kitchen Style

Happy Friday! We made it to another weekend. I’m working on a fun project this weekend and I can’t wait to share all the details soon. And I did something crazy that I will also share soon. But today, let’s talk farmhouse kitchen staples. When you think farmhouse kitchen what comes to mind? For me it’s open shelving, apron sinks, woods and whites and vintage pieces. I recently added a super cute vintage inspired cookhouse towel rack from Decor Steals in my kitchen and I love it.

I added “S” hooks to the bar so I could hang some cute kitchen gadgets. But this would also be super cute as a paper towel holder. I love the rustic detail on this piece. From the distressed iron to the galvanized basket. It fits in perfectly in my farmhouse kitchen. And I can always count on affordability and quality from Decor Steals. They are one of my favorite online shops to buy farmhouse decor.

Also, if you’re looking for a cute way to hang tea towels from a bar, I got you! I start by gathering a section in the middle of the towel, then I fold it over the bar to the desired length. Next I take a piece of twine and tie it around the gathered section just below the bar. Tie the knot behind the towel and snip off any loose ends. And Voila!

I have always loved rustic farmhouse style but my style has definitely transitioned over the years from the deep reds and blacks I used to love to a brighter, airyer feel. I do, however, still find my decor style stays consistent with all things farmhouse country. Do I live in an actual farmhouse? No, I do not. But should that stop me from incorporating that style into my home? Also, no. We are all different and unique and we all have our own style. When you find the style you love, embrace it. You don’t need to fit into a certain mold. Just do you!

XX, Shanna