Fall Bathroom Refresh

Happy Saturday! I had my niece and nephew over last night for a sleepover. It’s always a riot having them here. And also very exhausting. My boys are all older, my baby is 18, so having a 4 and 7 year old running wild in my house can be a bit much. But I love them to pieces and I love the time I spend with them. Before the kids got here though I worked on a little Fall styling in my bathroom which led to painting my cabinets and switching out the shower curtain. Because for some reason my brain thought I needed another project. This is a real problem for me that I really need to work on. Haha. But I really do love the way the bathroom turned out. I wanted it to feel warm and cozy and I think I definitely achieved that.

The shower curtain is from Target. It’s part of the Casaluna collection. I originally bought it to put in my basement bathroom I’ve been working on but decided I like it better in this bathroom. My basement bath is almost finished though. We’re putting the flooring down this weekend. It’s gone through quite the transformation this past month. I can’t wait to share it. Do you ever buy something for a space and then realize it works better somewhere else? I do it all the time. Besides, the shower curtain that was in here actually looks better in the other bathroom. So it all worked out. And I love how well this curtain goes with the Fall foliage I picked up at Michael’s.

I also added some cute little pumpkins and a Fall sign. It’s simple, but it fits the season. I like adding hints of the new seasons and holidays around my home. And the bathroom always gets a little something. The shelf above the toilet and the cabinet with the towel bar are both from Decor Steals (my favorite shop for decor). The window panes are also from there. They were, at one time, fastened together to create an A frame that hangs from the ceiling but I love them like this. The sign is from Krumpets Home. And I have a code for you to use on their website to save 10%…SIMPLYMINE.

It’s amazing what a little paint and an afternoon can do to refresh a space. I used only what I already had to give this space a new look. You don’t need to run out and buy a bunch of new stuff. Shop your home. Maybe you have a piece that you love but can’t find a home for. Styling it in a different way and in another room can make you love it all over again. And add a nice touch to the room your styling. I always try to shop my home before buying new decor. It saves money and clears out my storage space as well. I hope this has inspired you as start thinking about your Fall decor. As always, thank you for stopping by.

XX, Shanna