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Cozy Fall Farmhouse

Happy new week sweet friends. I’ve been busy sprinkling Fall around my house but today I thought I’d share some Fall decor from past years. I change things up from year to year but the goal is always the same…make it cozy. After all, Fall is the season of all things cozy. I mean, what’s cozier than curling up on the couch on a chilly night with a cup of coffee, a warm blanket and Netflix? Not much, in my opinion. I’ve always been a big fan of all the comfy, cozy things. In fact, my son and his girlfriend were recently shopping for a gift for me and she asked him what I like. His reply? “She likes to be cozy.” Haha. I guess he knows me well. They ended up getting me a super soft blanket, coffee mugs and chocolates. How’s that for cozy? When it comes to decorating my home for Fall I like to add warmth by using warm wood tones, creamy whites, fall foliage and candles. Using different textures and layers also creates a warm vibe in a room.

For this table setting I actually used branches from my yard. I love the pop of Fall color it adds to the room. I keep most of my decor pretty neutral, which I feel, allows me to add in a variety of colors here and there depending on the season. Without having to change up the entire space.

Adding layers also creates a warm and cozy space. On the mantle I have a cabinet layered in front of the mirror, the blanket layered with the pouf along with layered blankets on my blanket ladder. I then added texture by using different styles of candlesticks mixed with different elements. Like the basket, white vase and and chippy terra cotta pot. And of course our electric fireplace always adds the perfect cozy vibe.

Oh, and lets not forget my second love. White pumpkins. These are actually pumpkins that I painted white. It’s so easy to do and totally transforms bright orange pumpkins into a neutral lovers dream. Even without adding in the Fall colors, this mantle, with the layered greenery and light browns mixed in still feels warm and cozy. I especially love the acorn garland from Target. I get asked about it all the time. Unfortunately, they have not carried this garland for a few years.

Oh my goodness, looking back on this photo from last year is crazy. My living room has changed quite a bit from when this was taken. I’ll be sharing a 2021 Fall home tour very soon. I’m just finishing it up. But you can bet it’s full of cozy Fall farmhouse vibes. Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today. As always, I hope you were inspired. Until next time.

xx, Shanna

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