Small Pantry Organization

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Hey sweet friends. Do you have a pantry in your home? I’ve always dreamed of having a butlers pantry. I mean, how nice would that be? Unfortunately, there is no room in our tiny house for that. We used to just have our cabinets for food storage but when we removed the upper cabinets in our kitchen we needed an alternative. We have a tiny closet that sits just off our kitchen so we decided to transform it into a small pantry.

Yes, I know it’s super tiny. But with a little imagination and determination we managed to create a cute, functional pantry. But first, this door was in serious need of an update. We added a little trim and bam, new door.

Isn’t it crazy how just a few simple additions can make such a huge difference? We also had to add shelves and my husband made the coolest spice rack for the door.

Isn’t that so amazing? These storage containers are perfect for stacking and organizing https://amzn.to/3CR2AjC I also added these fun labels from The Talented Kitchen https://amzn.to/3xKDxLb

Even though this pantry is super tiny, it totally works for us. It’s all about utilizing the space you have and making it work. I get a lot of questions about this spice rack. My husband made it and literally just winged it. Which is how a lot of our DIY’s go. We’re not very good at planning things out. But the funny thing is, our projects almost always turn out. And because my hubby is thrifty, he will make what wood and supplies we have in our basement work for any and all projects. His latest project is going to be making benches for our kitchen table. Maybe we’ll remember to take pictures of the process. HaHa! Who am I kidding we most likely won’t.

Enjoy your day friends!!

XX, Shanna