New Sign Wall Decor

Hey sweet friends! Guess what? I like big signs and I cannot lie. LOL. How cool is this extra large canvas? I had this custom made by my friends at http://www.jadeforestdecor.com They have so many beautiful designs to choose from plus they are amazing with custom orders, like this one. This sign is the perfect addition to my living room wall. It’s such a large wall and hard to decorate but this sign fits perfectly. And the detail is perfect. I wanted it to look like old, worn metal and they totally nailed it. Right down to the rusty screws on the corners. And the painted brushstrokes remind me of an old country road sign pointing you in the right direction. I love items from the past. whether they are true antiques or reproductions made to look antique.

The size of canvas I chose is 32 x 48 inches. And my favorite thing about their canvases is how lightweight they are. And available with or without a frame. I chose to have mine without a frame. I absolutely love how this wall is coming together. And I’m not sure if you know this but I love peg hooks. So I decided to add a few to my board and batten. I’m so glad I did because it gives this wall some much needed warmth and texture. I also added some Fall foliage (no judging) it’s totally http://www.michaels.com fault. I went in for some stencil brushes and left with a couple cute vases and some Fall foliage and greenery. I also picked up this cute new lamp from Target.

This wall is now almost complete. I’m just waiting on a mirror that will stand on the End table. And hopefully someday soon, new couches, I’m really wanting something a bit lighter for this space. And eventually ceiling beams and hardwood flooring. Sometimes I wonder if we’ll ever be done with projects. But making your house your home takes time. Especially when you live in a fixer upper. This whole wall was inspired by that sign. And I’m absolutely in love with how it turned out.

As always, thank you so much for stopping by my blog today. I always hope you find some sort of inspiration while you’re here. I’m always open to feedback and answering any questions. Feel free to message me or leave a comment if you have ideas for a blog post or questions about anything.

xx, Shanna