Wedding Gift Basket Idea

Hey friends! Happy Friday! Here’s a fun little fact about me…I love gift giving. Whether it’s for family at Christmastime, a birthday or a wedding. I just love giving people gifts. And I especially love creating gift baskets. I think it’s such a fun and easy way to give a gift. When putting together a basket I start by figuring out a theme depending on the occasion. For weddings, I think it needs to be fun for both the bride and the groom. Maybe a movie night gift basket. Complete with popcorn, snacks and a couple of cute bowls. Or Italian night? With pasta, pasta sauce, a colander and a serving spoon. I had a wedding to go to last night and decided to do a “Let’s stay home” gift basket. I started with an adorable basket, two cute monogrammed mugs and some greenery. I always like to find a cute basket that they can use later. And I love the cute wire ones Target always carries. Yay for Target! Am I right?

The mugs are also from Target. I think adding the monogrammed mugs with the bride and grooms initials makes the gift both thoughtful and personal. I also added a wooden “book” bundle from my Etsy shop that says ‘let’s stay home” and added some cute little greenery stems (from Target) to it and then I finished the basket off with a blanket from Decor Steals. The book bundle is listed here https://www.etsy.com/shop/SimplyMineDesignsCo

Whenever I put together a gift basket I like to stick with a similar color scheme. I just think it makes it prettier to look at. But that is just my opinion. The fun part is assembling all of the goodies inside the basket. I like to arrange everything so that all of the items are visible at first glance. You can use tissue paper, crinkle paper or in this case I just layered everything in front of the blanket. You could even add some Hot Cocoa or Coffee to a “cozy” themed basket.

Hope you all have a great weekend! We’re getting some much needed rain. I’m hoping it lasts throughout the weekend. Utah is in a serious drought. I’ll also be putting together a couple more gift baskets. One for my Mom and one for my nephew who share a birthday on Sunday. Would you like more gift basket ideas?