Fairy Garden

Happy Friday sweet friends. Yesterday was my Grandpa’s birthday. If he were still with us, he would have turned 100. Sadly we lost him in January of 2003 after a losing battle with colon cancer. I was close to my grandpa and I miss him dearly. He was a great man with many talents. But I think the thing I remember the most was his love and passion for gardening. So much so that he took care of a lot of his neighbors yards just because he wanted to. No other reason. He had the most beautiful gardens. He could grow anything. But roses were definitely his specialty. Why am I telling you this? Well because it’s one of the things I wish I’d inherited from him. But sadly I lack all the skills needed to grow anything in dirt. Haha. But I had this adorable garden box that was in need of something. A fairy garden sounded fun and like something I could involve my niece and nephew in.

I had a bunch of faux flowers and greenery in storage and the garden box was already full of dirt from my failed attempt at a small veggie garden. I picked up the little tree house and other accessories at Hobby Lobby The little white, chippy ladder was a fun little DIY I made. My niece loved helping with all the little details. From the rock “creek” bed to the little rock path upto the “fairy” treehouse. We had so much fun. But my favorite part was watching her wait for the fairies to come. Aww, to be a kid again. So full of wonder and belief that magic still exists. Completely oblivious to all of the problems we face as adults. And for just a moment I got to step into her little world to watch and wait for the fairies to come. Just a few moments of forgetting that I have loads of laundry waiting inside, a grocery list I needed to finish and a house I need to clean. Just a few moments of waiting patiently with her for the fairies to appear. And believing that they actually might. And then just like that, bam! It’s back to reality. I hope you all get a chance today to step into a world of make believe, if only briefly, to forget about the things that need to get done and just be present in that fleeting moment.

Have a beautiful day sweet friends. Hugs to you all!

XX, Shanna