Dining Nook Styling

Over the weekend I gave my little dining nook a refresh. I restyled my hutch and table. This hutch belonged to my mother-in-law. She no longer had room for it so we took it in. And If you know me, you know I love second hand furniture. I like to give new life to otherwise forgotten or discarded items. We’ve had this hutch for a couple of years now and it has seen 3 different paint colors and been in 3 different rooms in my home. If you didn’t know, I’m also very indecisive. LOL. It has gone from the original 70’s orange-ish wood we all know and [don’t] love to Sage Green to White and it’s now black. With this latest paint job I also switched out the hardware. This hutch has also been in my living room, my bedroom and it’s new home…my kitchen.

Of all the places it’s been, I think the kitchen is my favorite. And I love the black. It makes the white decor inside stand out so beautifully. My dining nook has gone through so many fun changes. I always love changing up this space. Whether it’s giving my hutch a little refresh or adding new decor to my table. This past weekend, I did just that. Starting with just a few little changes in my hutch and adding some new, super cute terrariums to my kitchen table.

Aren’t these terrariums adorable? I had so much fun adding decor to these.The candles are a super fun addition. They look incredibly real. Hint* They’re not. They are from Amazon. You can shop them here. https://amzn.to/3wOJwOv I also added some greenery, dishes and a few vintage items.

When refreshing any space, I almost always just shop my home. Sometimes just finding a new home for a piece of decor is it all takes to make it feel new again. Do you love shopping your home? When I refreshed my hutch I didn’t even really add much, mostly just switched things around. But it made it feel fresh and new.

Simple, easy updates. Those are my kind of projects. Here are few fun tips for the next time you’re needing a little decor refresh.

  1. Shop your home.
  2. Just switch things around.
  3. Move decor from one room to another.
  4. Have fun!!