Bathroom Refresh

I played musical shelves the other day and moved the shelves in my bathroom to my kitchen, a shelf from my living room to the bathroom and then put a new shelf in my living room.Wow that was a mouthful! I like to change things up and move things around. It’s an easy and free way to give your space a new look using what you already have. And that’s my kind of update. With the new shelf in the bathroom it gave the room just a quick update. Not much added but there is just something about a little refresh and a deep clean that makes a space feel new.

It’s the little details that make a big impact in any room. From hand towels to lighting and everything in between. Right down to the way the toilet paper is displayed. Haha. Just kidding, but seriously. It becomes a heated debate every time I show my bathroom. I am and always will be a toilet paper UNDER kind of gal. My husband is an OVER person. Can you even imagine the arguments? That’s why we have a TP holder that is easy to change. And believe me it gets changed often…over, under, over, under and so on. Which are you? There is no right or wrong answer but the correct answer is under!! Prove me wrong! LOL!