Old Window Gallery Wall

I love decorating with old windows. The chipping paint, cracked glass and missing hardware. All the signs of days long gone. I wonder what kind of home they adorned. Who the people were that once looked through them. They are a timeless piece of decor that I never tire of. I especially love using them as part of a gallery wall. I had my favorite gallery wall in my living room but when I added the board and batten I was unsure how I was going to make a gallery wall work.This is what it looked like before the board and batten.

The board and batten has been finished in here for awhile now. So it was about time I got some decor on the walls. Right now I only have one of the walls decorated because I’m waiting on something that will be going on the other wall. And the wall I did get done had to have some windows. If you’re curious how a gallery wall look on a board and batten wall, look no further. I think it turned out so cute.

The baskets layered on the windows, the hanging plant and the architectural piece added just the right amount of texture and color. Giving the wall the woods and whites look that I love so much.Our living room feels so much cozier, warm and inviting. Which is my goal with my home, always.

Do you have a gallery wall in your home? They are perfect for covering prime real estate or in other words a large wall. Because, let’s face it, huge empty walls are a struggle to style. That’s actually one of the reasons I really wanted board and batten on my living room walls. It adds so much character and charm to an otherwise blank canvas.