Unique Kitchen Counter Storage

When it comes to styling my home, I like to think outside the box. Sometimes I’ll see a piece of furniture or decor and know right away the perfect spot for it in my home. When I removed the upper cabinets in my kitchen it opened up a lot of counter space. I’m always looking for ideas to incorporate unique pieces or designs into my kitchen. Simple, pretty and functional are just a few of the things I look for. So when I came across this gorgeous cabinet I knew I had the perfect place for it. On top of my kitchen counter. I love that it has all the little drawers for storage and the shade of green is absolutely stunning. I love the character it adds to my kitchen.

Home decor and design doesn’t always need to be traditional and boring. Sometimes using your imagination to bring a space to life can make all the difference. I love finding items and seeing the potential they have to completely transform an area in my home into a cozy, welcoming space for my family and guests. I want everyone who enters my home to feel warm and welcome from the minute they step inside.

And when your home is filled with unique design choices and not so traditional decor, you have an instant conversation starter. Here’s to thinking outside the box, using your imagination and creating a home that is uniquely yours.