Open Shelving Ideas

Do you love open shelving in the kitchen? Or dislike it? Do you love it but are intimidated by the styling and upkeep that comes with open shelves? I’m here to help. One of the best decisions I made when updating my kitchen was removing the upper cabinets to install open shelving. It opened up my tiny, dark kitchen so much. And gave me a fun, unique way to display the things I love and all of my pretty dishes. I get asked a lot about how I keep them clean or if it’s a pain keeping them organized. The truth is, I love switching things around. My shelves get changed up quite often. When I restyle them I take everything off and wipe down the shelves and all of the things. We use some of the items on the shelves which also helps keep things clean and organized. I just recently restyled my kitchen shelves and I’m loving the simplicity with the woods, whites and greenery. With just a little splash of copper.

The best thing about open shelving is that they are fairly inexpensive. Especially if you DIY them. I made all of the shelving in my home. As well as the brackets. It saved us a ton of money when we updated our kitchen. And I love styling them. Especially around the holidays. If you could add open shelving in your kitchen, would you? Or is this trend one you’re avoiding? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

As always, thank you for stopping by today and everyday. I appreciate the support more than you know. xx