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Rustic Centerpiece Idea

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I love changing the decor on my kitchen table. I’m always playing around with new, fun ideas. This latest one was inspired by these unique wood trays from Decor Steals. I used two of them to create this fun centerpiece vignette. I love the raw edges and the wood detail on these trays. They are perfect for creating a rustic, farmhouse inspired centerpiece. Make sure you sign up on Decor Steals website for email updates so you don’t miss when they have these available again. You can sign up here

I love how rustic and unique these trays are. And by using them side by side it allowed me to create two separate vignettes that seamlessly flow together. As with most of my table centerpieces, I used my favorite go to items. White dishes, candles and greenery. These things are always the starting point for the decor in my kitchen. Throw in some wood tones and you’ve got the perfect rustic farmhouse look. A little side note…did you know that my shiplap in my kitchen is actually drawn on? It’s true. I used a Sharpie paint pen and a level. It only took a few hours and from a distance you can hardly tell it’s not real. I found the Sharpie pens here I love how this particular centerpiece ties in so nicely with the shiplap walls and rustic farmhouse vibe I love so much!

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