Hilton Carter for Target

“Greenery has a power to it that’s like no other.”

Hilton Carter

Fun fact: Did you know that I used to work at Target. Yep! For 4 years. I worked in the fitting room and was also the store operator. And you know the saying “Spend your money where you earn it”? Well…I did exactly that! But can you blame me? Who doesn’t love Target? Especially when they launch a beautiful collection like Hilton Carter for Target. Whether you love faux or real greenery, this collection is for you! Below are some of my favorites from this stunning collection.

The Hilton Carter collection is available now online and in stores. I’m sure these items will sell out fast. I’ve already got my online cart full of all the pretty things. I’m seriously so obsessed with every single piece in this collection. Have you checked it out yet? Here’s a link https://www.target.com/c/hilton-carter-for-target/-/N-jcepq?Nao=24