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BoHo Farmhouse Basket Wall

Have you jumped on the boho basket wall train? Have you seen this trend? If you follow any farmhouse / boho accounts on Pinterest or Instagram, chances are you’ve seen it. I’ve been wanting to create a basket wall in my house. It’s a great way to take up empty real estate on a large wall. I just finished a board and batten wall in my living room and really needed something to fill the space above it on a large wall.

I started looking for baskets at thrift stores and online. I ended up finding my baskets online at Mercari. When creating a basket wall, I personally think it looks better and more uniform to stick with one shape. I wanted round baskets in varying sizes. The bundles I found available online had a couple different shapes but the majority were round.

Next up, came deciding on placement. I didn’t want a bunch of nail holes in my freshly painted walls so I laid the baskets out on my living room floor. This way I could figure out where the baskets were going without a gazillion nail holes.

Start laying the baskets out with sides touching. I didn’t want large gaps on my wall But if that’s what you prefer, this same technique should work fine. I hung a few of my baskets with nails and used this for the others. A couple are just resting on the small ledge. I love the look it gave this wall with very little cost.

I am, in no way an expert, but I hope this inspires you to think outside the box and find creative ways to decorate your own home. Not only was this basket wall super cheap to create, but it also feels like I’m breathing new life into these adorable bakets.

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