Friday Farmhouse Favorites

Friday Farmhouse Favorites

Every Friday I’m sharing my favorite Farmhouse finds from various companies. Today I’m sharing my favorite kitchen finds from I’ve carefully selected all the things that every farmhouse kitchen needs. So grab a a cup of coffee and let’s up our farmhouse kitchen game.

Starting with the basics…

When styling a space it’s important to start with the basics. Color, style and the all over vibe you’re wanting to create. For me it’s almost always neutrals. Whites, grays, beige and my favorite…warm woods. I think every farmhouse kitchen also needs baskets, ironstone, and greenery.


In my opinion, you can never have too many baskets. They are a great way to store items while also looking organized and pretty. My favorite kind of decor is always both beautiful and functional. The Longaberger Family has beautiful baskets that are hand made and amazing quality. With plastic liners (sold separately) these baskets become a must have for any kitchen.

Ironstone / Dishware

As with baskets, I don’t think there is such a thing as “Too many dishes.” I’ve collected dishes for years and I love displaying them in hutches and on my open shelving. Once again, decor that’s both pretty and functional. I tend to stick with neutrals when looking for dishes. But if you’re into color there are several beautiful and colorful options on The Longaberger Family’s website.

Greenery / Stems

I, unfortunately am not a plant lady. It’s not for lack of trying. I just don’t have a green thumb. But my grandpa was an amazing gardener. He could grow anything. I loved visiting and picking fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers from his gardens. Even though I’m not good at growing beautiful greenery and flowers, The Longaberger Family has some amazing (and lifelike) options.

The Finishing Touches

Whether it’s rugs, vases, tableware, chairs, and everything in between. These finishing touches will turn any kitchen into a beautiful farmhouse kitchen. All of these items are available online at Happy shopping. I hope I’ve inspired you to create the perfect space that’s warm, cozy and above all, Welcoming.